Solar Panels

A1 Batterypro has been specializing in design and installation of house solar systems since 2002. James Heel has been fully accredited in the design and installation of Stand alone and Grid connect solar by the Govt body Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE). We have completed a number of new & upgraded installations on either new or existing houses in which we have helped families achieve a more economical alternative to grid connected power in remote areas. Our staff have a combined 18 years experience in working with customers to custom design and install solar power based on each individual requirements.
Solar Panels - Grid Connect System Installation
Above Pic: Actual Grid connect system designed & installed by A1 Batterypro
An Example of How Stand Alone Solar Works
Solar modules allow people to have power anywhere, anytime. The solar modules silently convert the suns raw unlimited energy, to a clean and efficient usable energy source. That energy is then stored in battery banks and then the inverters convert the energy from DC to AC which then normal house hold 240V appliances can be used like normal.
Benefits of Having a Solar Powered House
  • Saving money on electricity accounts. (with real benefits seen straight away)
  • Reduction of Green House Emissions for your principle place of residence.
  • Long warranties on Solar Modules & In-verters I.e.: 25yr manufactures Power Warranty Grid Connect inverters up to 10yrs.
  • By having Solar mounted on roof extra in-sulation against heat.
  • Govt Rebates to Approved Applications.
  • Local Support and troubleshooting.

Also from July 08 the Queensland Govt is offering a Return On Investment potential for any Grid Connect Solar System. If the system produces more energy then what the household energy consumption the Government will pay a credit of .44c/kilowatt hour. It will total over a 12 month period and the credit will be in the form of Direct Deposit or cheque.

Photovoltaic's (House Solar)
There are 2 types of designs for Solar Powered houses. Both offer advantages and applicable Govt Rebates if designed and installed by an accredited BCSE installer.
Grid Connect Solar System
This system allows for the house to be connected up to grid power (Ergon Energy) while having solar modules on the roof. The house uses power directly off the grid like any other house and the solar modules put power back into the grid to offset or totally negate your electricity bill. The house gets outfitted with a bidirectional meter that keeps track of power consumed and power produced. This setup will also be able to tell you how much energy produced for that hour and total energy produced for the day. Through these meters you will be able to tell how much CO2 you have saved for the environment. This system does not require a battery bank as mains power is available.

Please note: If there is an outage in the main electricity supply then the house will also lose power for the duration till mains power is back on. (This is an Australian Standard).

Solar Panels - Grid Connect System Part I
Solar Panels - Grid Connect System Part II
Above Pic: Actual Grid Connect system designed & installed by A1 Batterypro
  • Set of Meters to tell how much energy produced for that hour and Total energy for the day and how much CO2 saved.
  • Cyclone rated support rails for mounting Solar Modules to houses
  • Can either negate or save money on electricity bill. (Depends on what customers want to achieve)
Stand Alone System
This system is designed for rural or remote houses that does not have access to mains power. The system incorporates a battery bank and an inverter/charger. The solar modules put charge into the battery bank and then the inverter converts the charge to 240v mains so that normal house hold items can then work like normal. This is ideal in cases where power poles and tree clearing would prove to be an expensive exercise. The setup includes a set of meters that indicates state of charge at battery bank & total power consumption and recovery each day. The inverter will also allow the integration of a generator that will supply 240v to run household appliances. The inverter will seamlessly change to being a charger and help with the recovery of the charge in the batteries. All this will happen without any power loss to the house.
Solar Panels - Stand Alone Solar System I
Solar Panels - Stand Alone Solar System II
Above Pic: Actual Stand Alone solar system designed & installed by A1 Batterypro
  • Includes a set of meters to indicate state of charge at battery bank & total power consumption & recovery each day
  • Complete self sufficient power. No reliance on Mains Electricity
  • Ideal for remote areas where power poles and removal of trees would prove to costly.
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