Asus Laptop Battery

Asus is one of the most popular and trusted laptop brands worldwide. Their products are known for their high quality and competitive features compared with other products in the market. A1 Battery Pro provides high-quality Asus laptop batteries that are compatible with Asus chargers. Rest assured that these batteries will definitely meet the specifications needed for your laptop.

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A2000 SeriesA2500 SeriesA3000 SeriesA4000 SeriesA52 Series
A6000 SeriesA7 SeriesA8 SeriesA8000 SeriesA9 Series
adventE500 DesktopEee PCF2 SeriesF3 Series
F5 SeriesF50 SeriesF52 SeriesF6 SeriesF7 Series
F8 SeriesF80 SeriesF81 SeriesF82 SeriesF83 Series
F9 SeriesG1G2G50 SeriesG51 Series
K40 SeriesK42 SeriesK50 SeriesK51 SeriesK52 Series
K60 SeriesK61 SeriesK70 SeriesK72 SeriesL3000 Series
L50 SeriesM2000 SeriesM50 SeriesM5000 SeriesM51 Series
M52 Seriesm6000m70 SeriesMX51 SeriesN50 Series
N61 SeriesN71 SeriesN80 SeriesN81 SeriesP50 Series
P51 SeriesPro 50 SeriesPro 61 SeriesPro 6100PRO60
PRO71 SeriesS500 SeriesS62 Seriess92 SeriesSlim Series
SW1UL30 SeriesUL50 SeriesUL80 SeriesV1 Series
V50 SeriesV6000- SeriesVX Seriesw1000 SeriesW3000 Series
w5000 Seriesw6 SeriesX5 Seriesx50 Seriesx52 Series
x53 Seriesx55 Seriesx56 SeriesX57 SeriesX58 Series
x59 SeriesX5C SeriesX5D SeriesX5E SeriesX5J Series
X61 SeriesX64 SeriesX65 SeriesX70 SeriesX80 Series
X82 SeriesX85 SeriesX87 SeriesX8A SeriesX8B Series
X8D SeriesZ Seriesz35 Seriesz53 Seriesz8000
z8100z8200z9000z91 Seriesz9100
z9100 Seriesz9200z93z9300z94 Series
z96z96 Seriesz97 SeriesZ99 Series

A2000 Series

A2500 Series

A3000 Series

A4000 Series

A52 Series

A6000 Series

A7 Series

A8 Series

A8000 Series

A9 Series


E500 Desktop

Eee PC

F2 Series

F3 Series

F5 Series

F50 Series

F52 Series

F6 Series

F7 Series

F8 Series

F80 Series

F81 Series

F82 Series

F83 Series

F9 Series



G50 Series

G51 Series

K40 Series

K42 Series

K50 Series

K51 Series

K52 Series

K60 Series

K61 Series

K70 Series

K72 Series

L3000 Series

L50 Series

M2000 Series

M50 Series

M5000 Series

M51 Series

M52 Series


m70 Series

MX51 Series

N50 Series

N61 Series

N71 Series

N80 Series

N81 Series

P50 Series

P51 Series

Pro 50 Series

Pro 61 Series

Pro 6100


PRO71 Series

S500 Series

S62 Series

s92 Series

Slim Series


UL30 Series

UL50 Series

UL80 Series

V1 Series

V50 Series

V6000- Series

VX Series

w1000 Series

W3000 Series

w5000 Series

w6 Series

X5 Series

x50 Series

x52 Series

x53 Series

x55 Series

x56 Series

X57 Series

X58 Series

x59 Series

X5C Series

X5D Series

X5E Series

X5J Series

X61 Series

X64 Series

X65 Series

X70 Series

X80 Series

X82 Series

X85 Series

X87 Series

X8A Series

X8B Series

X8D Series

Z Series

z35 Series

z53 Series





z91 Series


z9100 Series




z94 Series


z96 Series

z97 Series

Z99 Series

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